Shipping Policy

Orders are processed and shipped in 1-4 business days, and the delivery is expected to take between 2-5 business days. When an item is not in immediate stock, because it is back-ordered at the supplier, we will be able to ship it out as soon as it is available. If this applies to any items ordered, there will be a notice before you submit an order.


Products will be shipped via FedEx, or USPS, and their status can be tracked with a number. No claim of non-receipt of merchandise will be accepted after 14 days from the tracking delivery date. In the case of an "item not received claim" where tracking shows a delivery was made to the address provided with the order as the "shipping address", a police report must be made by the receiver prior to a replacement being shipped or refund being issued.


Some products have a table rate, based on the weight and shipping destination. For many products we offer free shipping.